This is not a Drill:

Prosecco flavoured Cheese!


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This is not a drill....... the amazing people at the great british cheese company have created a Raspberry & prosecco Flavour cheese! 

We always love things that go well together like, Robson & Jerome (those old enough to remember), Ant & Deck, Toast & Butter, Cheese & Pickle, Me & Prosecco...... the lists go on, but now... now we have Raspberry & Prosecco (We Know That Works) but in Cheese! 

After spending an evening with the team making sure that this really does work well with a number of Prosecco's we can confirm that it really is as good as it sounds! 

The combination of Prosecco, Wensleydale Cheese and Raspberry blend together to make a beautiful creation, it even comes as pink cheese! 

If you see some Pick it up!

We Highly Recommend!




Get Tickets for ProseccoFestUK NOW!